Autel AutoLink AL519 V8.02 OBDII EOBD & CAN Scan Tool Free Online Update

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Autel AutoLink AL519 Description:Autel Autolink AL519 OBDII/EOBD scanner performs various modes of OBDII testing for complete and accurate vehicle diagnostic scan and...


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Autel AutoLink AL519 Description:

Autel Autolink AL519 OBDII/EOBD scanner performs various modes of OBDII testing for complete and accurate vehicle diagnostic scan and turn off Chck Engines Light(MIL). Featuring the patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, this diagnostic tool quickly checks whether your vehicle meets the State Emission Monitor Status and assists you to pass the Smog Check.

Autel AutoLink AL519 Highlights:

1. Free Update Online on Autel Official Website
2. Multilingual Menu and DTC Definitions
3. Easily determines the cause of the Check Engine Light(MIL)
4. Support Multiple-languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Greek
5. Vehicle Coverage: Works on All 1996 and Newer vehicles (OBDII & CAN) – domestic and import
6. Bright color coded LEDs and built-in speaker provide both visual and audible tone for readiness verification
7. Featuring the unique patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, TFT color display and built-in speaker, it is the best partner for your car repairing.

Autel AutoLink AL519 Features:

1. Works on most 1996 and newer vehicles(OBDII & CAN)-domestic and import
2. Features the unique patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key for quick State Emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification
3. Easy-to-read AVOmeter allows you to test voltage, continuity and current at the fingertip
4. Capable of diagnosing 12V charging systems, starting systems and condition of discharged battery
5. Bright color coded LEDs and built-in speaker provide both visual and audible tone for readiness verification
6. Easily determines the cause of the Check Engine Light (MIL)
7. Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0), manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes and pending codes
8. Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors
9. Displays monitor and I/M readiness status (emissions)
10. Reads live PCM data stream, live O2 sensor test data, freeze frame data
11. Graphs data (1996 and newer)
12. Troubleshooter codes tips guide technicians to the root cause of trouble code faster, saving diagnosis and repair time
13. Memory/battery backup for off-vehicle data review and analysis
14. Multilingual menu and DTC definitions-English, Spanish and French, etc.
15. Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
16. Internet updatable
17. Prints data via PC

Autel AutoLink AL519 OBDII Vehicles Coverage: 

Supports all OBD2 protocols: KWP2000, ISO2000, ISO9141, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM and CAN. AL519 car diagnostic tool is compatible with all obdii compliant vehicles: sedans, SUVs and light trucks post 1996 in US, post 2000 for EU-based and Asian cars. This plug-and-play engine diagnostic code reader retrieves all kinds of codes (generic, manufacturer specific and pending codes). No batteries or apps needed for super ease of use!

Autel AutoLink AL519 Functions:

* Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors

* Features the unique patented One-Click Readiness Key for quick State Emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification

* Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3 and U0), manufacturer specific (P1, P3 and U1) codes and pending codes

* Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
* Troubleshooter code tips guide technicians to the root cause of a trouble code faster, saving diagnosis and repair time

1. Read Codes: The function can be performed with the key on,engine off(KOEO) or with the key on,engine running (KOER).

2. Erase Codes: Erasing the Diagnostic Trouble Codes may allow the scan tool to delete not only the codes from the vehicle's on-board computer, but also "Freeze Frame" data and manufacturer-specific enhanced data. Further, the I/M Readiness Monitor Status for all vehicle monitors is reset to Not Ready or Not Complete status.

3. Live Data: You can not only read the live data but also record data for later review.

4. View Freeze Frame Data: Freeze Frame Data allows the technician to view the vehicle's operating parameters at the moment a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) is detected.

5. On-Board Monitor Test: The On-Board Monitor Test for non-CAN-equipped vehicles retrieves and displays test results for emission-related power train components and systems that are not continuously monitored.

6. Patented One-Click I/M Readiness Check: With one touch of the patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, you could easily scan the engine health and check the State Emissions readiness.

7. Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) –Malfunction Indicator Light (Service Engine Soon, Check Engine) is a term used for the light on the instrument panel. It is to alert the driver and/or the repair technician that there is a problem with one or more of vehicle's systems and may cause emissions to exceed federal standards.

8. The DTC Look up function is used to search for definitions of DTCs stored in the DTC library and for DTC Guide information.

9. Code Breaker function help the user better understand the definitions of the DTCs for efficient and accurate car diagnosis and repairing. Retrieve generic(P0, P2, P3 and U0), manufacturer specific(P1, P3 and U1) codes and pending codes.

10. Retrieving Vehicle Information function enables retrieval of Vehicle Identification No.(VIN),Calibration ID Nos. (CINs), Calibration Verification Nos. (CVNs) and In-use Performance Tracking on 2000 and newer vehicles that support Mode 6

How to Change Language for Autel AutoLink AL519:

Step 1: Install the software on your desktop and open it;
Step 2: Open the software and plug the AL519 USB connector into the computer, then open AL519 "Setup" → "Language"
Step 3: Select the machine model on the left and then select the file package you want, first update the "Update Program", next update the "Update DTC", the same steps.
Step 4: After the above steps are completed, pull out AL519 and plug it in the computer again. Then repeat the second and the third steps. Finally, it is done. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Autel AutoLink AL519 Display:

1. OBD II Connector - Connectsthe scan tool to the vehicle’s Data Link Connector (DLC).
2. LCD Display - Displays menus and test results.
3. Green LED - Indicates that engine systems are running normally (The number of  monitors on the vehicle which are active and performing their diagnostic testing is  in the allowed limit, and no DTCs are present).
4. Yellow LED - Indicates there is a possible  A “Pending”DTC is present and/or some of the vehicle’s emission monitors have not run their diagnostic testing.
5. Red LED- Indicates there is a problem in one or more of the vehicle’s  The red LED is also used to show that DTCs are present. DTCs are shown on the Scan Tool’s display. In this case, the MIL on the vehicle’s instrument panel will light steady on.
6. ONE-CLICK I/M READINESS Key - Quick-checksState Emissions readiness and drive cycle verification.
7. ESC Button - Cancels  a  selection  (or  action)  from  a menu or returns to the previous screen.
8. Left SCROLL Button -When look up DTC definitions, moves to previous  character and views additional information on previous screens if DTC definition  covers more than one screen; deselect all marked PID data when viewing or recording customized live data list; views previous frames of recorded data when  playing back live  It is also used to update DTC library when pressed.
9. Help Button - Provides help information and Code Breaker function.
10. UP SCROLL Button - Moves up through menu and submenu items in menu  mode. When more than one screen of data is retrieved, moves up through the  current screen to the previous screens for additional data.
11. OK Button - Confirms a selection (or action) from a menu.
12. Right SCROLL Button - When look up DTC definitions, moves to next   character and view additional information on next screens if DTC definition covers more than one screen; selects/deselects PID data when viewing or recording  customized live data list, and views next frames of data when playing back live data.
13. DOWN SCROLL Button - Movesdown through menu and sub menu items in  menu  When more than one screen of data is retrieved, moves down  through the current screen to next screens for additional data.
14. USB Connector - Connects the scan tool to the PC for printing and upgrading.

Autel AutoLink AL519 Specification:

Display: TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140 °F)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158 °F)
External Power: 8.0 to 18.0 V power provided via vehicle battery

Autel AutoLink AL519 Package List:

1pc x AutoLink AL519 Main unit
1pc x User Manual
1pc x OBDII Cable
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x Carry Bag

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Autel AutoLink AL519 V8.02 OBDII EOBD & CAN Scan Tool Free Online Update

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