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How to Update Autel Tools

Upgrade (software download steps are the same as upgrade):

MaxiSYS is connected to the network via wifi (network cable can be connected if there is a network port), go directly to the MaxiSYS-Update page, select the software to be upgraded, click Update, and wait for completion.

  1. Download Maxi PC Suite from the official website and install it on your computer:
  2. Take out the SD card (it is recommended that customers use the SD card upgrade method instead of the USB upgrade method), and insert the computer USB port with a card reader.
  3. Run the Maxi PC Suite, login, then you will get software list, please install all programs you need.
  4. Insert SD card back to the tool and check the result. If you have any problems with the update, please kindly send me the S/N and pictures with error message for troubleshooting, thank you!
  1. Download MaxilinkII from official website:
  2. Connect the machine to the computer via USB and run MaxilinkII.
  3. Select the model on MaxilinkII, make sure the upper right corner is green, it shows Device Connected.
  4. Download the upgrade package Products-Download from the official website, unzip it, and select the file on MaxilinkII to upgrade. Note: There are two parts of the upgrade, make sure they are all completed.
  5. After the upgrade is complete, unplug the USB.

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